Bell Ringing December 2019


Carol and Brad Routh along with their daughter, Cory & husband, son, Josh (very expectant wife) serenaded Safeway shoppers with Christmas carols on their violins. 


Allison and Steve Reeder took a break from Christmas shopping and cookie baking to ring the bells for the Salvation Army.


Tom Avants took time for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing volunteering before finishing responsibilities for the Barnabas Bunch Christmas dinner.


Peggy and Richard Klitzke continued their Salvation Army Bell Ringing for the 4th year! Kudos to the couple!!


Davis and Miller spent their allowance money to purchase candy canes for donors to the Red Kettle. (Mother, Kristen, supervised the afternoon)

2020 Bell Ringing

December 12th is the date for ringing the bell at Safeway at 7th St. and Glendale. Sign-ups begin November 1st.  Looking forward to   having more young families joining in volunteering.

Bell Ringing next December

Christmas is the most wonderful season to instill in our children and grandchildren the importance of giving, volunteering and serving. Children are mirrors of our lives and will imitate the adults in their environment.. December 2020 join in beginning the Salvation Army Bell ringing tradition in your family.



Certified Master Gardener , Peggy Klitze, introduces planting differences between flowers and succulents to the little future gardeners at the Phoenix Salvation Army Homeless shelter.


Peggy Klitzke helping children to  choose their favorite succulent and then to learn planting techniques for their succulent takeaway. Volunteers from Peggy's garden club in Phoenix donated all the succulents for the event.


Margaret Larson (paparazzi)   Peggy Klitzke, Certified Master Gardener)   and June Pomeroy (Chief cookie decorator ) were the volunteers leading the 'Get Dirty' Plant Something event. Planting activity was a huge hit with the eager future gardners.Nice work! 


One of the youngest gardeners planting her favorite succulent. Finished product-Nice work!


Phoenix volunteers donated enough succulents for all 35 guests learning planting techniques from Peggy Klitzke.


Staff, Ryan Weitzel,was a tremendous  help with recruiting shelter attendees. June Pomeroy assisted children as they chose their succulent and colored dish.

Before the planting activity, Certified Master Gardener, Peggy Klitzke explained to the families the difference in succulents compared to  regular green plants. The care and feeding is vastly different so their taking care of their succulents is important.