Cultivating young gardeners

Peggy Klitzke, certified Master Gardener, led a session at The Salvation Army homeless shelter on how we plant “seeds” in the ground and in our souls.

If God plants seeds of love, forgiveness and peace in our minds and hearts, then those seeds will grow into our daily deeds and actions. 

Every day we make choices about what type of seeds we allow into our lives, thoughts from social media, television and reading. Each day we must pray and ask God to plant His seeds in our lives.

Peggy explained to the families the difference between succulents and regular green plants. She also helped the 35 children in attendance choose their favorite succulent [donated by the Valley of the Sun Gardeners Club].


 Peggy Klitze, introduces differences between flowers & succulents to the little future gardeners.


Peggy Klitze, certified Master Gardener, helping children plant their favorite succulent.

Youngest gardener planting her succulent.

Youngest gardener planting her succulent.


Peggy Klitzke, (certified Master Gardener) and June Pomeroy (chief cookie decorator ), Margaret Larson (paparazzo).

Everyone joined.

Everyone joined into the gardening fun.