Easter Began at Calvary

Edible Calvary


Easter began at Calvary with Jesus dying for our sins on a cross. Volunteers from 1st Southern Baptist Church of Glendale organized the Easter event.


Children listen to the Veggie tale about Easter and then crafted their cross 'He is Risen'.


Parents guided children in artistic talents of coloring and cutting.


Event BIG Daddies earlierly demonstrated craft skills to their children. 


Kids favorite craft is always an edible craft: frosting cookies. Volunteers included: Peg Boyle,leader, Emily Hoggatt, Sharon Losey, Janet Marchbanks, and Margaret Warden.



Margaret Warden heil;ed to allocate the frosting to the eager children.

Six ladies from the First Southern Baptist Church of Glendale prepared a fabulous Easter event for the resident families. Calvary was creatively presented as a chocolate cake covered with tan coconut as dirt and green coconut as grass. Volunteers presented the Easter story of Jesus drying on the cross and rising again the third day.  Later, the children were  guided through crafts, games and frosting cross cookies.