Feeding the 4,000

Jesus Feeds the Hungry


"It pays to advertise" Flyer posted during the week to encourage residents to come to the event on Saturday in the activity center.


Mark and Kristin organized basketball  competition for the kids during gym time.

Everybody is A Crafter


Cynthia helping young hands to solve the puzzle pieces.

Guess the Goldfish Question


Winning residents who guessed the correct number eat the goldfish. 


Along with the kids, Daniel led the way as he tackles the task.


Blaire Kinsey encourage kids creativity for the craft activity station .

North Phoenix Baptist Church Young Marrieds

Volunteers from the young marrieds connect class at North Phoenix Baptist Church led the 'Jesus Feeds the 4,000' event. Daniel and Mark organized the theme assisted by their wives, Cynthia and Kristin, and friend, Blaire Kinsey.  Young families have young kids and their children helped with the crafts, puzzles and games along with making new friends.