Jesus FEEDs the 4,000

Who can guess the numbers of cheese fish crackers in the jar?

Families with young children from North Phoenix Baptist Church volunteered at The Salvation Army homeless shelter in Phoenix, AZ to teach children the Gospel story of the feeding of the 4,000.

Volunteer Blaire Kinsey guided the children through the crafts and treats - infusing fun and spiritual learning into the time. Because the story of how Jesus feeds 4,000 with very little is a reminder to us that God can do big things with little. I mean, He uses each of us, right?

And for the children in the homeless shelter, Jesus reminds us that He cares intimately about our spiritual and physical needs. He fed the hungry. Healed the sick. And as believers in Jesus Christ, our goal is to bring the hope of Jesus to the struggling while meetings their needs in His name.

Interested in teaching the Word of God while meeting physical needs as well? 

Come volunteer with us! 


Mark &  Kristin organized a basketball competition.


Cynthia helping young hands solve the puzzle.


Daniel led the way as he tackles the craft.


Blaire Kinsey encourages kids creativity.