About Us

Mission and Vision

Committed to doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God,  The Micah Global Foundation mobilizes teams of volunteers to serve local, national, and international communities through outreach service projects.  

A 501©3, nonprofit organization established in 1997, Micah Global Foundation volunteer teams serve the world by partnering with non-governmental organizations to impact the community through hands on service projects.  

All projects are intentional in building long-term relationships with partnering organizations to sustain meaningful community impact.

Celebrating its 22nd year of service, The Micah Global Foundation brings experience of building long-term partnerships, mobilizing teams of volunteers to serve, and coordinating the leadership for these teams.

Why We Do Short-Term Mission Projects

Once there were two short-term missionaries who went out doing mission projects. The leader of the local church would not welcome them, told his church members not to offer them hospitality. A global church leader, who supported the short-termers, wrote the local leader personally, pleading for his cooperation, but to no avail.

One man in that local church decided to support the short-term missionaries anyway. His name was Gaius. The unwelcoming leader was Diotrophes. And the church leader who sent the missionaries was the Apostle John. You can read all about it in his Third Epistle (III John).

Why didn’t Diotrophes welcome the short-term missionaries? Perhaps he did not “believe in short-term missions”; that it is uneconomical to send people off for a short-term trip.

The Apostle John begged to differ.  John knew what Jesus had said about being a witness to the uttermost part of the earth. And he remembered what Jesus did: traveling from town to town. John knew that Jesus was a short-term missionary whose formal ministry on earth was but a few years.  And that our ministry on this earth, no matter how long it feels to us, is in God’s eyes, incredibly short-term, although it cost Him the cross.

Short-term missionaries do not have weeks or months to adjust to a new place; we have to hit the ground running. We know the fatigue of jet lag; of 24-hour flights. We know the challenges of not being known in the place that we go, of having to leave just when we have finally figured out how to get around.

And we have experienced the influence of Diotrophes on occasion. Some object on the grounds that we’re taking a “paid vacation” while others object on the grounds of insanity for going to unsettled places like Afghanistan or Nepal. But in going we have glimpsed why God sends people short-term.

Fresh faces without politics and baggage that inevitably accrue in a community. New energy. The courage that comes from not having to care what people think of what we say. The ability to generate fresh contacts for those who stay longer term.

The ultimate reason we go on short-term missions is simple: we sense God calls us to go, and so we go. When He gives us the green light to stay home we organize volunteers for community service who participate in service projects in Phoenix and beyond- we will not miss the travails of intercontinental travel.

The Micah Global Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Arizona in 1997. 

Get Involved! Pray. Give. Serve.

It all began with Teen Missions


Our mission mindedness developed through summers serving with Teen Missions.


TMI Boot Camp training includes an 5:30AM Obstacle Course, running through Hezekiah's tunnel, climbing Jacob's Ladder, swinging over the Slough of Despond and concluding with the wall.


Boot Camp classes offers instructional training in puppets, singing, cooking and sharing your testimony.


Basic construction classes include brick laying, pouring cement, steel tying and leveling sidewalks.


Alligator Alley swimming.


Larson family at Teen Missions in 

Merritt Island, Florida.