Afghanistan's history is characterized by war and civil unrest. 

Micah Global Foundation  had the opportunity to teach in Kabul in a private elementary school,  Education University, and The Islamic Law School. 

We moved forward in faith according to  II Timothy 1:7  "God has not given us the spirit of fear;but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."


  Wallace L Larson, Sr lectured at the Islamic Law School in Kabul.


  Wally, Jr. lecturing at Islamic law school.


Head coverings required in the common room of the compound.


  Certificates awarded to students who completed the English conversation class.



Since its founding, Micah Global has worked throughout Asia teaching English in places like Nepal, Vietnam, China, Papua New Guinea, and Afghanistan.

While teaching English conversation at Szechuan University during an 8 week course, we emphasized American holidays, including the values and traditions around Christmas and Easter and taught our Chinese students about various regions of the United States.

Midway through the summer, we identified people of peace (those who showed an interest in having deeper spiritual conversations) and invited them to study the book of John with us in the evenings.

summer Highlights


Esther facilitated the teacher appreciation afternoon in a school dedicated for children from the slum areas in Southeast Asia.

Volunteers with students at Bible study.

Helping with evangelical Bible studies in a government regulated church.

Larson family lecturing at Vietnam Conference in Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Wallace Larson family lecturing at conference in Hanoi, North Vietnam.


 After regular English conversation class, Leslie and her students studying the popular John book.

Papua New Guinea


Sepik River

Sepik River


 The 'Sing-Sing' is  the traditional celebration for births,  holidays, rites of passages and  New Year in Hauna Village.

Sepik River

Sepik River

Sepik River


Our river raft was built of corrugated tin laid  over two dugout canoes for our  2 day ride up the Sepik River.

Crocodile Dinner Preparation

Crocodile Dinner Preparation

Crocodile Dinner Preparation


Villagers killed a crocodile for dinner while Leslie and Margaret  prepared the meat for the team.

Papua New Guinea team

Crocodile Dinner Preparation

Crocodile Dinner Preparation


 Team  members built a shelter to lodge Hauna Village medical personnel  during their volunteer service to the people. 


Hauna Village - the future

Flying into the heart of darkness from Cairns, Australia, we landed in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, took a puddle jumper plane to Wewak then a two-day ride in dugout canoes and landed in Hauna Village our summer home. 

At 7 years old, Leslie, the youngest white child to ever visit, was nicknamed "butterfly “and immediately found a cadre of friends and curiosity seekers. 

As the chief cook, Margaret, prepared crocodile. (crocodile later smells through the skin-yuck!). 

Our team built a grass hut on stilts for visiting medical missionaries and assisted the missionaries in clearing the landing field for Mission Aviation Fellowship planes.