Wallace worshipping in stick church with the Maasai leader.

Leslie and Marcia leading the children in Jesus Loves Me

Leslie and Marcia teaching the children 

Jesus Loves Me.


Wally,jr and Leslie hauling rice and powdered milk to a new mother in a grass hut.


Jodi cuddling the little ones in Samaritan Village orphanage.


Larson family  helping young men to prepare resumes and providing guidance for job interviews.


A tender touch for a child's injured hand.

In Tanzania, we led Bible studies at the UN Rwanda Tribunal, church youth English meetings, lectrued at Tumaini Law School and preached at the Arusha international Baptist Church. We donated sun jpowered tape recorders of the New Testament in Maasai in rural villagers. A witchdoctor's wives (yes, that's plural) are coming to know Jesus through the donated tape recorders of the New Testament.