Papua New Guinea


'sing sing' the traditional celebration for the Hauna Village 



corrugated tin slap over 2 dugout canoes for the ride up the Sepik River


Leslie making friends with children in the village.


Hauna Village children's choir singing during Sunday morning worship.


alligator dinner preparations!


Papua New Guinea team members building a hut shelter lodge for medical volunteers for Hauna Village to live in during their service.

Flying into the heart of darkness from Caines, Australia, we landed in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea,, took a puddle jumper plane to Wewak then a two day ride in dugout canoes  and landed in Hauna Village our summer home.  At 7 years old, Leslie, the youngest white child to ever visit, was nicknamed "butterfly"and immediately found  a cadre of friends and curiosity seekers. As the chief cook, Margaret, prepared crocodile.(crocodile later smells through the skin-yuck!). Our team built a grass stitled hut for visiting medical missionaries and assisted the missionaries in clearing the landing field for Mission Aviation Fellowship planes.